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2012-06-06 23:22:50 by Armado

You realize that you love someone only when you know you can't reach him/her without fighting for his/her heart...


2012-02-09 02:54:15 by Armado

Who dosen't know about this fabulous online game? Build mine to got minerals, make war spaceship, raid other people, destroy them and stole their minerals... THAT AWESOME!!! XD


2010-11-16 09:15:39 by Armado

Bird are.... AWESOME!!! :D


2010-08-11 01:54:54 by Armado

My mom was dead and she going to be burried tomorrow...

I'm not able to sleep, is it normal?


2010-06-25 21:48:04 by Armado

Heineken was the best beer i drink in my life, it was delicious 8D

18 years old and happy new year

2009-12-31 17:34:25 by Armado

Hi! I'm now 18 years old, and i got Halo 3: ODST for my birthday gift, it was so fun ^^

and I would say, HAPPY NEW YEARS to Everyone on Newgrounds


2009-12-21 08:50:32 by Armado

Hi! I Level up today and i'm happy of this, so it was all I have to say to you today :D

Ranked Up! ^^

2009-12-16 08:48:06 by Armado

Hi! I Ranked Up yesterday ^^, and in 3 days I think i'm gonna to level up!

so... we will be see in 3 day

Blind Guardian ROXX

2009-12-02 09:28:38 by Armado

so, who like this band?

if you don't know what is it follow the links belong for some tune xrpo&feature=related 80R8&feature=related uAhE I love it, and you?


2009-11-16 09:52:22 by Armado

I finally finish my Math sec 3 and now i have my English sec 4

im so happy, I hate Math